Leave of Absence

In support of Singapore’s regionalisation efforts, the Ministry of Education has implemented a Leave of Absence Scheme (LOA) to facilitate children who accompany their parents on overseas posting to be readmitted into their schools upon their return.

Under this scheme, children granted LOA will continue to be registered as a student of the school. Upon their return, they can be readmitted to their schools directly.


The child must be a Singapore citizen (SC) or Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR), and

LOA Period

LOA Services

Schools will provide the following services to their LOA students to ensure that they remain engaged with their schools and to ease their subsequent return to the school:

LOA Fees and Renewal of LOA

Schools may charge an annual nominal fee for a child on Leave of Absence. The quantum of the LOA fees* will be set by the school concerned. At the end of each year, parents will need to decide whether to renew the LOA for their child for another year. LOA status will lapse for those who decide not to renew their LOA application.

*As a guide, the annual fee for primary schools will be at least $39, for secondary schools at least $60 and for junior colleges at least $81

How to apply

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Singaporeans returning from overseas who do not have a school place reserved for them may still approach MOE to facilitate their school admission. Alternatively, they can approach the schools directly to seek admission if they have some preferred schools in mind. For more information go to Singaporeans Returning Home page.