Boarding Awards Scheme

The Boarding Awards Scheme aims to provide young Singapore Citizens, at Secondary level or Pre-University level (Junior Colleges and Millennia Institute), with the benefits of a Singapore education while living in hostels in Singapore. This scheme applies only to Singapore Citizen children whose parents are working or residing overseas.

Education in Singapore is highly valued. It provides children with a balanced and all-round education, developing them to their full potential and nurturing them to become good citizens, conscious of their responsibilities to family, society and country.

Our system with its emphasis on bilingualism ensures that our children learn about their own cultural heritage and the values inherent in it. It also equips them with the knowledge and skills to keep pace with change, innovations and technological advances.

But often, Singaporeans who are overseas are in a dilemma. While they want their children to get a good Singapore education, circumstances may not allow them to provide a suitable environment to meet the needs of their children. With a new generation of hostels in Singapore, they can be assured that their children will be well taken care of while they are away.

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Details of Award

How to apply

To apply for the Boarding Award, please complete and submit the application form to

For more information on the award, please read the Frequently Asked Questions.